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Sleep habbits seem to be harmless but they have negative influence on people’s health
December 16 2018, 9:36 AM
While sleeping, we often have the bad habit such as putting our hands on the forehead, listening to music ... that seem to be harmless, but seriously affect the quality of sleep, your health and beauty.

1. Put your hands on your forehead

When sleeping, many people have a habit of putting their hands on their foreheads. However, this action cause damage to the skin and health. Therefore, the pressure on the forehead area will affect the elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.

In addition, the force applied by the hand to the forehead can lead to headaches or wake up, and you may experience numbness while lying down during this time.

2. Pillars are too high

The pain in the neck when waking up is due to high knee pressure when sleeping, because it affects the circulation of blood in this position. In addition, too high pillow also makes you sleep deep and reduce the quality of sleep. Therefore, choose the pillow of moderate height in order that when lying in the bed, your neck and body do not get too much difference.

3. Listen to music while you sleep

Many people listen to music before sleeping and maintain it during sleep. However, this habit can cause sleep deprivation, drowsiness and nightmares. Therefore, it will make you prone to headaches when waking up.

To avoid these harmful effects, you should pay attention to changing this habit and turn off the music before going to the bed so that the brain and body are completely relaxing.

4. Tie your hair too tightly

Before sleeping, you should tie your hair down to avoid bacteria from your hair that can affect the skin. However, do not tie too tightly because it will stretch the scalp and cause pain if the habit keeps on for a long time.

Therefore, force the hair or loose hair to limit the condition of hair tangle when waking up, protect the face and not cause headaches again.

5. Put the face directly on the pillow

Many people have a good sleep when lying on your stomach or lying on, but lying in this position will allow the cheek pressure on the pillow during long sleep. Therefore, it will affect the elasticity of the cheek skin and your face will appear wrinkles.

In addition, pressure on the pillow when sleeping will also cause the pores to be squashed and provide opportunities for dirt from the pillow to penetrate the skin, which causes the condition of lubricants and acne increase.

In the long run, these habits will surely cause your health and skin to be severely affected. So, change now so that each sleep is well-qualified and welcome a new day with the full vitality.



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