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Slap wife while she is sleeping: two husbands, two different fates
August 09 2018, 3:03 PM
Don't try this at home boys - or else heads will roll

Many husbands said, “I’d rather poke a sleeping dragon thank poking my sleeping wife”. That’s word of wisdom that many guys should follow.

Or should they?

These two man decided to carry out an experiments: not just poke, but slap you wife when she sleeps. Don’t talk about the risk, just give them a thumbs up for their courage!

He slapped his wife without hesitation

Then, he pretended to have a nightmare. So, the innocent wife just tucked the blanket and hug him to sleep.

Seeing the video, another man decided to try this with his wife.

The process is not different, he slapped his wife.

Then, pretend to have a nightmare.

The wife believed him, so she continued to sleep. Yet, he wanted to try it one more time. He slapped her again, then pretending that he was having a nightmare (again!!!).

Well, the wife wouldn’t let him get the best of it. She pinched him hard.

He got what he deserved.

Now, it’s time for the wife to have a faking nightmare! Look at his face knowing she’s turned the table!

Watch here:



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