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Six weeks after marrying, her husband abandoned her, 70 years later, she knows the proud truth behind
November 28 2018, 3:20 PM
For the past few years, she has been anxiously awaiting her husband's news from the battlefield, but has not responded until recently, she has known the truth.

In 1944, Peggy met a young, 22-year-old pilot named Billie. Two people love each other and then got married. At that time, World War II broke out, Peggy and Billie’s peaceful life was broken. After the marriage, they have to be parted away. 

Billie was sent to the European battlefield. At first, Billie sent letters to his wife, but soon Peggy was no longer receiving news of him. She searched her husband’s information on various channels but no results. At that time she could only stay at home waiting for him. The war ended, many people have received information from relatives from the battlefield, but she still not heard any news of her husband. 

Peggy knew her husband could never return, but she did not want to give up any hope. One night, as she was sleeping, she dreamed of Billie’s return, he entered the house and called out, “You are here!”. She woke up. But this time around the room, only her there. She could not hold back tears. As time passes, hope is fading and there is only pain and despair.

Her relatives and friends encouraged her to go to the battlefield. However, the information about her husband was cut off for years. In this war, many soldiers have passed away and are missing without any information.

She wanted to know the reason behind because he had sacrificed on the battlefield or he abandoned her. She can not let go of this suspicion, therefore, she can’t move on with another man. 

Her heart slowly froze, and Miss Peggy was no longer using her military soldier’s wife’s identity to verify her husband’s information. However, she decided to stay alone for the rest of her life.

The people around her still believe she has not given up the verification of information about Billie. 70 years later, Billie’s relatives decided to investigate the truth. He contacted the relevant unit, requesting access to Billie’s documents. 

It is noted in the document that Billie joined the war shortly after her marriage with Peggy, six weeks after joining the army, he was sacrificed. He was flying a plane through Normandy and the plane crashed near the town of Ventes.

Before the plane fell for a few minutes, Billie tried to divert the plane, avoiding dropping into the residential area. Eventually, the plane crashed into the stream, he sacrificed and no local people were injured.

After knowing the truth, Peggy was touched. After several decades of waiting, she finally received the information, her husband sacrificed on the battlefield and become heroes. He didn’t abandon her.

She decided to go to France to visit the burial site of Billie. Upon reaching the town of Ventes, she could not help crying, the name Billie is everywhere, the streets bear his name, every year, people here still celebrate and build tombstone for Billie.

Since then, every year she came here to visit her husband’s grave, the villagers also welcomed her very enthusiastic and regarded her as relatives.

A question is answered after 70 years, Peggy is a hero woman. Although she was tired of waiting for her husband, she never once grumbled or blamed her husband for abandoning her.

Finally, she received the answer. She found her husband after many years. He sacrificed himself, but he lived forever in her heart and the people there as the immortal epic.

Source: dkn 

Hoang Ngan


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