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Your sister is 30: Not yet big, tired of daily life
January 02 2019, 3:26 PM
Do you have a sister? And how is she? As if your sister is 30 but she has not been big yet and tired of daily life, here might be her life will be.

If you have a sister and she is 30 but her soul has not been old yet, definitely you have a friend who is blood-relations. Because of her youthful soul, her character and thoughts are just like you. She also fears ghosts and gotta hug some teddy bears while sleeping. And a big eat-person without fear of gaining weight. Live a free life, especially she does not need a boyfriend.

Can’t resist pizza

Just like a student waiting for her mother to fill the refrigerator.

Every girl wants to be sexy. She is not an exception.

Trying to do yoga, however, it’s quite hard for her. It requires her a lot of patience and endurance, right.

So if you don’t have a boyfriend too, you guys could share everything together, hang out with each other. Gather around on every occasion, giving each other gifts. You both could live with each other for your whole life. I bet it would be very happy and interesting. That’s said, only girls can bring each other happiness.

Designer: Luong Hoang

Nguyet Hang Do


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