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Single father breaks millions of hearts when hugging his newborn baby and knocking every room’s door to ask for milk
October 10 2018, 3:52 PM
Witnessing young father hugging his newborn baby to knock the door of each room in the maternity hospital to ask milk for baby, everyone couldn't stop crying.

Single fathers bringing up and caring for their children is always viewed by outsiders with a sympathetic eye. This is mainly because the men are usually clumsy. However, we can’t deny that they love their baby from the bottom of their heart. Sometimes, difficult situations force fathers to play as a mother to rear their baby.

Young dad hugged baby to ask for milk.

That is why the short clip below was shared by netizens for the touching scene of the young man embracing his a-few-month-old baby to knock on the door in each room in the hospital to offer milk from other women.

He talked with the nurse for help.

He wasn’t afraid to knock each room of the hospital in search for milk.

He asked  many mothers here for milk but no one helped him.

When a kind mother helped his baby feed, the young father did not hide the joy and hastily thanked the mother for help.

Fortunately, a kind mother fed his baby.

He hastily thanked the mother for help.

Although the address and identity of this young father have been unknown and the poor newborn baby  living away from mother’s milk, the image of asking for milk of the young man broke millions of hearts. Single mothers raising children are miserable let alone a clumsy young father.

Watch video:

Video credit: Collect

Vu Tam 

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