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Singaporean teenager: 20 years old into a billionaire, full of colorful luxury brands collection but suspected gender
January 16 2019, 2:46 PM
Although he does not own an outstanding appearance, this young man is still admired by many people because of his business talent and warehouse.

Although he does not own an outstanding appearance, this young man is still admired by many people because of his business talent and warehouse.

The rich Asians, especially Singapore, always make many people feel overwhelmed by the wealth and luxury to the point of … difficult to understand. In particular, the Singaporean rich children ‘s association with familiar names like Kim Lim, Jamie Chua, Dhillon Lee, Willabella Ong … makes anyone look at admiring admiration. Among them, it is impossible not to mention “warm boy” Kane Lim.

Rich background, rise yourself

Kane Lim, 28, is the son of a billionaire businessman in Singapore. Having a strong support from parents, it is not difficult to understand that when he was a child, Kane Lim enjoyed a rich and full life without anything. He lived in a monumental villa like a palace, all-gold furniture and diamonds. All facilities such as swimming pool, gym, sauna … are in Kane Lim’s house.

Kane Lim is famous in Singapore’s rich family as well as in Asia.

Being aware of his status as the richest son of a family, Kane Lim did not appear to be reliant, arrogant or reliant. The guy shared that when he was 17, he started his career, when he turned 20, he became a billionaire holding a huge private fortune.

He started his career at 17 years old and has now become a billionaire.

Kane Lim studied fashion at the University of California, USA. The son of one of Singapore’s richest families, plus his self-earned fortune, he pursued his passion for fashion. Kane Lim especially loved shoes. He has a collection of designer shoes with a total value of up to 365,000 USD and it still has no signs of stopping. Kane Lim once said: “I used to go into designer shoes and said I would take each pair one color, everything they had.”

The expensive brand shoe collection by Kane Lim.

In addition, Kane Lim has a hobby of collecting watches and rings, shaking hands. On his personal page, he regularly publishes watches, bracelets and gold-plated rings, extremely gorgeous, lavish diamonds, worth up to a billion.

Like many wealthy children, Kane Lim also enjoys traveling around the world, partly to attend fashion shows of famous brands.

On the social networking site Instagram, Kane Lim regularly updates his luxury and expensive items to “crazy”. The shiny supercar, Chanel, Hermes, Moschino, Christian Louboutin … brands are all worth the fortune.

Luxury goods

Kane Lim’s locker is no shortage of women’s designer handbags, velvet suits, red, pink, purple … very gaudy. That is also the reason why many netizens doubt his true gender. 28-year-old Kane Lim has never publicly revealed any girlfriends or plans to marry.

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