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Simple way to plant garlic in the bottle and surprising results after half month
September 12 2018, 11:09 AM
Growing garlic in a plastic bottle seems difficult to believe but after watching the video, everyone immediately follows.

First, you use large plastic bottles and chisel a lot of holes round the bottles. These holes are big enough for us to put the garlic inside.

Then, pour the soil into the bottle and put the garlic cloves into the round holes.

Please note that you have to regularly let the bottle contact with the sun. Do not leave it in the dark and wet place because it will be difficult for photosynthesis.

You also need to fertilize and water garlic regularly to help it absorb more nutrients and develop. After only half a month of care, you can harvest garlic cloves from this special garlic bottle.

Not only that, you can also harvest the garlic leaves for delicious dishes.

In addition to this way, not long ago, many people supported the way to grow the garlic which is very suitable for the houses without garden. They thought about planting garlic as well as other kinds of vegetables in the buckets or foam boxes.

Planting garlic as well as other kinds of vegetables in the buckets or foam boxes.

According to Eastern medicine, garlic is sometimes used as an effective remedy which helps boost the immune system and  keep the heart healthy. Therefore, people are advised to have garlic regularly. Let’s try planting the garlic by ourselves!

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Watch video:

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