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Simple acts of kindness: The more we give, the more we will take
July 14 2018, 10:44 AM
Have you ever seen the people being in tough condition? What do you often do at that time? Someone will try their best to help them like people in this video.

.Watching video:

In modern life, it seems to the kindness not existing, but it is too wrong to say that. Because the kindness is never lost, always appeared quietly through the social relationship which man imagines so far, but near unexpectedly.

A woman carrying some heavy bags has just got on the bus. Seeing that scene, the teenager boy immediately stands up and let her seat at there. 

His behaviour is really rare in the teenagers as him. Because looking at the next boy, he still seats there and thinks of his unbelievable action. 

The second story of kindness occurs at the counter in supermarket, there are two customers waiting to pay money.

The credit card of a woman picking her baby expired and she has not any cash in wallet.

When she is confused, the man behind helps her to pay that item.

Although the cost of this product is not much, she still feels ashamed and it’s worth not to happen.

The man smiles and says to her “Nevermind about it!”

The video continues to tell us another touching story, can not believe that there are many kind people existing in modern life like this.

A couple has a picnic at the park. When preparing the lunch, they see a man with dirty face and ragged clothes, he seems like the poor.

Too emotional before that scene, they willing to share their meal for this poor man. 

It is said that when we give things, we will take love. Not only the helpers feel happy but the people helped also feel greatful. 

Kindness never disappears in the heart of each person. So why don’t we spread it out in order to make our society better . This is definitely responsibility of each individual.

Hoang Yen


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