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The shocking suspicion that the ‘Virgin Queen’ ELIZABETH I who had not married all her life, might have been a MAN!
January 22 2019, 2:20 PM
For many centuries, a widely circulated hypothesis suggested that Queen Elizabeth I was actually a man, so the famous Queen of England did not marry all her life to hide the truth.

Queen Elizabeth I of England is one of the most famous British Royal figures. She is also known as the ‘Virgin Queen’ when she had not married her whole life.

For decades, experts and scholars argue strongly about why Queen Elizabeth I was determined not to marry.

One of the reasons given is that the Queen Elizabeth I hypothesis is actually a man.

The reason for this theory was because before becoming Queen of England, Princess Elizabeth was sent by King Henry VIII to live in Cotswold village when London broke out of a dangerous disease.

According to this hypothesis, Elizabeth I died from a young age because her body was already ill.

At that time, the servants of Princess Elizabeth I feared King Henry VIII would be angry when he knew that the daughter he had put so much hope to die. Therefore, they decided to hide the truth.

They looked for a girl of the same age, who seemed to be similar to Elizabeth I to replace the lost princess. However, the servants did not find a suitable girl, so they disguised the boy named Neville as Princess Elizabeth I.

King Henry VIII rarely met his daughter, in addition, as the princess grew up, there were many changes in her appearance. Therefore, King Henry VIII and people would not recognize the impersonator of Princess Elizabeth I. After the epidemic was controlled, Princess Elizabeth I was welcome to London and no one discovered the secret.

So far, the theory that Queen Elizabeth I is male has not been proven by authentic evidence. Therefore, why the Queen Elizabeth I never married is a big question to the public.

Source: Historyextra

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