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Shocking footage of tsunami striking town in Indonesia emerges as rescue efforts end on Friday
October 12 2018, 10:22 AM
New footage has emerged showing the moment of tsunami hit the town of Palu. 

Nearly two weeks after the Sulawesi tsunami, rescue searches are being called off; even as new footage emerges of the tsunami striking the beach of Talise in Palu, Central Sulawesi, on September 28.

New footage has emerged showing the moment of tsunami hit the town of Palu.

So far the earthquake has killed more than 2000 people with 5000 people still remain missing.

The footage, shot by a social media user, shows a wall of muddy water sweeping through the streets and washing away cars.

The atmosphere in the video was increasingly tense because we saw a second wave which was very high about 8 meters.

People scream when they saw water rising 30 meters towards us. Instantly the place where the video was taken refuge was hit by an electric pole.

Many people have shown their sympathy for the tsunami’s consequences.

“Nature is scary. We don’t know what will happen. Rest in peace”

“5,000 people still remaining missing are likely to be dead. Tsunami is really scary. Just look at the wave.”

“OMG, it’s so scary. Pray for missing people”

“The screams of people who were witnessing the tsunami are so obsessive to me. I can’t get over it”

Watch video:

Source video: CGTN 

Source: CGTN 

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