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Shocked: The young girl’s lungs grew lumpy because she did one thing for 10 years
January 01 2019, 9:55 AM
Lung cancer is causing many people to fear now because the number of patients has increased dramatically in recent years.

In Vietnam, lung cancer is ranked first among 10 common cancers in both sexes. This is an extremely dangerous and easily acquired disease in all subjects. Factors that make the disease increase include air pollution, smoking habits, drinking alcohol, exposure to toxic chemicals …

More worrisome, the proportion of female patients is increasing due to one reason that not everyone knows. That is taking a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen.

A young girl from China who has just been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer at a young age, is just 25. It is known that, since she was young, she was not good at studying so her parents let her left school early. When she was 15, she went to the family eating-house to help her mother work. At first, she only helped odd jobs such as clearing tables, picking vegetables …

A little older, she started to go to the kitchen to help her parents when the guests were crowded. Because of good cooking skills, many guests praised her, and since then she has become a chef of the eating-house. That work has followed her for 10 years.

But recently, the girl often suffered from cough, tired body, sometimes vomiting blood. Seeing that her health was problematic, her parents took her to the hospital for examination. Unexpectedly, the result made the whole family almost collapse.

The doctor informed that her lung had desenly protuberances and black pigmentation such as loofah, the lung cancer began to turn into late stage. Her parents were almost unacceptable to this fact, they kept crying and asking the doctor, ‘Is the doctor wrong, my daughter is 25 years old, why does she have cancer?’

According to studies of leading doctors, smoke in cooking oil in the kitchen is also the cause of lung cancer in many women. The reason is that when frying food at high temperatures, the kitchen window is not opened well, causing kitchen space to be contaminated with serious smoke.

A study at Guangzhou University said that rapeseed oil and soybean oil heated in 270 degrees to 280 degrees would produce condensates, which could lead to damage to the cell chromosome, this is considered to be related to cancer.

Moreover, the grease in the pan will also produce PM2.5 (super fine dust) penetrating the body through the airway when the sisters inhale the air in the kitchen, they are especially dangerous when it is possible to wriggle into the lungs and pulmonary veins, causing many deadly diseases.

This is also the cause of her cancer and perhaps it will be an expensive lesson for the housewives to be careful when entering the kitchen so that they do not receive disease on people, especially extremely dangerous lung cancer.

Kim Ngan Do

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