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Finally after 106 years, the real culprit who caused Titanic disaster has been revealed
January 29 2019, 1:59 PM
A new conspiracy theory caught the notion that Captain Edward Smith might have been drunk leading to the sinking of the Titanic after crashing into the iceberg in 1912. The captain was seen by some passengers drinking alcohol for hours.

The Titanic sank into the Atlantic, killing more than 1,500 people on April 15, 1912, becoming one of the worst maritime tragedies in history.

So far, the cause of the sinking of the Titanic remains a major controversial mystery. The reason is that many theories were made to explain why the Titanic was in trouble.

Amongst those theories,  it is worth noting that the hypothesis about the Titanic captain, Edward Smith is related to this horrifying tragedy.

Specifically, the hypothesis suggests that, before the Titanic crashed, Captain Edward Smith was seen drinking in a pub on the most luxurious ship at the time.

Emily Richards, one of the lucky survivors of the sinking tragedy, blamed Captain Edward Smith. Richards said that the captain was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic because he had been drinking for hours before the tragedy occurred.

Mrs. Richards wrote this in a letter to her mother-in-law when she was on the Carpathia ship – the ship rescued passengers in danger from the Titanic and brought them home safely.

Mrs. Richards and some guests saw Captain Edward Smith, aged 62, spent the whole night drinking wine at a party held at the first-class restaurant on the ship before returning to his cabin.

When Captain Edward Smith went to drink, he entrusted others to control the Titanic. So far, this hypothesis has not been proven when there are still many doubts that have not been clarified.

Captain Edward Smith is one of more than 1,500 people who lost their life in Titanic.

After the tragedy occurred, Captain Edward Smith was praised by the public when he did not run away but decided to bear the same fate with the ship he commanded.

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