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Shocked with images like alive doll of 81-year-old Thai billionaire after failed plastic surgery
January 14 2019, 3:01 PM
Thai billionaire has a doll-like appearance that has been disparaged as a cosmetic surgery disaster.

The Ent of China has recently praised the 81-year-old Thai billionaire – Sumanee Gunakasem (nicknamed Mary Sue) who looks like a Barbie doll. Mary Sue still lives optimistically despite being diagnosed with cervical cancer 4 months ago. She said to the media: ‘I am not ready to die yet.’

If anyone doesn’t know Mary Sue, just glance at her to think she is about 20-25 years old. However, in order to get the beauty as it is now, she spent a lot of money on cosmetic surgery and had to wear makeup 24/24. Naturally, for Sumanee, money is not problem because she is a businesswoman of antiques and jewelry in Thailand. The desire to own Barbie doll-like appearance from the young days made Mary Sue not be afraid of pains, determined to change her appearance. Ironically, her cosmetic cases were not quite successful, making her face somewhat deformed, bizarre small nose and overly thick lips.

However, everyone acknowledges that Mary Sue looks much younger than her age.

Let’s see more pictures of this Thai billionaire:

Image credits: Coconuts

Kim Ngan Do

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