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Shock: “Strangers” easily break into the locked hotel room with a thin card
January 14 2019, 11:12 AM
The door system at 5-star hotel is not really as secure as you think. Just a few simple steps, a "stranger" can break into the room locked with a thin cardboard tool.

The recent video shows how a hotel room can be easily hacked from outside when just using a “Free of Disturb” cover – a common item in hotels.

Security expert LockPickingLawer attended by lawyers in Washington DC, USA, recently shared a video showing that he easily “hacked” into the locked hotel room in less than a few seconds.

This is only a thin card

The improper installation method makes the room door easily penetrated by a thin card

According to the expert, many hotel room doors, even 5-star hotels, are not properly installed. Specifically, doors with hinges are mounted far apart. In the video, viewers can see a significant distance between the door, the hinge and the amount of light that can be seen.

It is due to the installation of a negligence that the dead end of the door lock is not in place. Thanks to this loophole, crooks can easily break into a room without a key. “The door is very easy to open, at least when the lock is not protected from within,” said security expert LockPickingLawer.

The door of a 5-star hotel room was opened from the outside even though it was previously locked

To prove their point, LockPickingLawer took the “Free of Disturb” cover hanging outside the door, gently slipping into the middle slot. In less than 2 seconds, the door burst open despite being locked carefully before.

Deciding to share this video, LockPickingLawer hopes this is a useful reminder for frequent travelers on vacation in hotels. They can see if your room is safe.

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