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Shock: A 17-year-old girl sleeps with 23 men in one month and can not know who is the father of her fetus!
December 10 2018, 11:01 AM
Have fun with a lot of men, until She got pregnant , she gets angry because of being unable to find the father of the baby.

Love and sex are always two important issues in life, and sex in order to be true love is needed and vice versa, but it seems that the thinking is too ‘backward’ for young people. A 17-year-old girl in China reported that the young girl was shocked when she slept with 23 men in a month for a month without getting noticed. The baby’s tummy is growing in the abdomen.

The young girl’s impertinent image and story immediately attracted the attention of audiences, most of whom condemned deeply the delights of young girls who were still young .

This young girl was identified as a Chinese girl in her childhood just like any other normal child, love, jealousy, but only her love story was not as ‘pure’ as they were. friend. At early age, the baby has had the first kiss, having ‘intimate’ with the opposite sex. After the breakup, the girl had unusual symptoms of psychological and genital trauma.

Just after breaking up, she became accustomed to an older sister, who changed her mind completely

She admits she was overwhelmed by what they gave her, her book bag, her glasses and things that were so expensive, so the girl did not hesitate to engage in places like bars, The dance floor shakes through the night with her sister.

And the culmination of the pregnancy is growing up in the womb of a young girl, which is the result of days of turmoil, she is only 17 years old through the night with 23 strange men, and angry When it is impossible to determine who is the father of the child, and who to contact, talk about the ‘responsibility’ to the baby, who receives the shaking head accidentally.

A 17-year-old girl ” sleep with 23 men in a month so that the fetus can not be identified.

This incident not only attracts the attention of the Chinese audience, but also attracts the attention of Vietnamese online community, most of whom shook their heads with short thoughts, too shallow of this young girl.

The events of this long story are still receiving the attention of everyone, hope her family and friends in some way can help the girl awakened the wrong actions.

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