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She’s fat, whatever! Till the end, any girls can also find their prince charming
September 05 2018, 10:01 AM
Many people judge this couple at the first sight, but who knows how their love really is?

This Chinese couple has recently gone viral on social media. They become famous because their appearances, she’s fat and he’s handsome. Especially, their love make everyone admire, so sweet that single people have to be jealous.

Liu Jingyu, is a hotboy with a handsome face.

21-year-old girl, Chen Zhaojun from Xinjiang, has a chubby body and the cute face.

The 21-year-old girl, Chen Zhaojun from Xinjiang, has a chubby body and the cute face. And the same aged man, Liu Jingyu, is a hotboy with a handsome face.

They’ve met each other since they were 19 years old. During two years loving, the couple is still very happy. Because of the difference in appearance, they have given many prejudices from people around. Zhaojun is said that she isn’t belong to him, she’s like an ugly duck. Somebody even considered the aim of their love to create the reputation for both of them.

However, this couple did not care about those words, the more people said, the more they loved. Even though she’s a duck or he’s a hotboy, they always live with their real emotions in heart.

According to the local magazine, Zhaojun shared that her weight has been being gradually losing since she loved him. She’s changed her appearance so much in order to fit him. From a 133 kilogram girl, she’s now only 90 kilogram. But her lover is gaining weight daily, now is 115 kilogram.

It’s said that Zhaojun is really positive, the smile always appears in her face. She never forgets to wear the sexy dress or skirt to make her legs longer.

Who said they were not belong to each other? Who said?

After be famous on social media, this couple get many positive comments from netizens. Most of them express the admiring to their beautiful love.

“This is a fairy tale in real life!”

“I, once more time, believe in real love. Thank all of you!”

“Actually, she’s beautiful, just losing weight, she’ll be a hotgirl”

“Till the end, ugly ducks can find their prince charming. So be proud of you, girls, you have the same opportunities!”

How’s about you? What do you think about this couple?

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