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Share of a salesperson: So this is how fashion brands can easily earn more money from us
February 09 2019, 1:48 AM
When shopping, be careful to fall into the trap. Just buy what you need.

Having done business, of course, brands have to find ways to boost sales. But it’s not natural for them to do that, but is the result of strategies, orientations, and some of the tricks applied at the store.

The person who knows these strategies most is none other than the sales staff. Try sharing with Sophia Jones, who has worked as a salesperson of three “fast fashion” brands, and see what the tricks of the brands are.

1. What is most attractive? It is SALE red sign!

This is one of the most popular tricks that fashion stores often apply. Science has shown that when people encounter red, humans will have the strongest reaction. In our subconscious, red is the color of attention because it is often associated with danger. When applied to this case, it creates a sense of urgency for customers, causing them to quickly enter and spend money.

2. “Brand identity” is extremely important

Fashion believers will surely easily recognize expensive items, because they have a very specific design, from logos, slogans, colors, designs … In marketing language, it’s called brand recognition.

Most fast-fashion brands (typically Zara and H&M) must always find ways to make their products stand out, look like a premium brand but with a much cheaper price. a lot of. A part of consumers liked that, and they succeeded.

3. Things are always shown in “sets”

It can be said that in almost every fashion store, you will always find that the mannequins are fully assembled in a complete suit. And it turns out this is also a trick to attract consumers.

If the customer likes a mannequin shirt, they are more likely to buy it to suit it. This is called “cross-selling”, a popular method of selling.

4. You actually move very slowly in fashion stores

Like supermarkets, fashion stores want you to stay there as long as possible. So, they will use tricks to make you move more slowly.

By cleverly decorating tables, shelves, customers can hardly go fast, and that allows them to find more things to buy.

5. SALE counters are intentionally placed

Inside the store, the discount booth was placed both in the back and the entrance – close to the changing room – and this was a deliberate act.

When the bright red SALE panel attracts customers successfully, they will approach the first discount, select something and enter the testing room. But on the way to the test room, they found another booth.

This is how stores “trap” consumers between a discount map matrix, and reduce their ability to “keep their wallet” down.

6. Not naturally called “fast fashion”

Fashion brands in the form of “fast fashion” can change collections by month, even by week. At the same time, their clothing material is good but cheap enough to not be worn for too long.

This feeling is unpleasant for many people and inspires people to hunt for more brand-new, “stylish” clothes and accessories week after week.

7. Scents and music – money attraction combos

A lot of people have shared that they are always more excited when entering a fashion store. But not naturally do they feel that way?

Stores have a way to make customers better. Using bright colors, light scent, and music with just enough rhythm to excite customers, making them yearn to enjoy life more.

Science has also proven that if you choose the right music, customers tend to stay in the store longer and spend more money.

8. Hug-shaped design

With this type of design, the shops create a more inviting feeling than usual, as it simulates the outstretched arm to hug.

Source: kenh14 

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