Shaked chicken cartilage with lemongrass
September 14 2018, 5:06 PM
Instead of going to a restaurant, you can make this delicious and attractive Shaked Chicken Cartilage with Lemongrass at home and enjoy with your friends.


- Chicken cartilage: 600g

- Crispy fry mix: 120g

- Sugar: 0.5 tbsp

- Shrimp salt: 0.3 tbsp

- Fish sauce: 1 tbsp

- Seasoning powder: 0.3 tbsp

- Pepper: 0.15 tbsp

- Lemongrass: 20g

- Chili: 10g

- Kumquat: 25g

- Lime leaf: 5g


- Step 1: Wash chicken cartilage, cut into pieces, then marinated with 1/3 tbsp seasoning powder, ¼ tbsp pepper for 30 minutes.

- Step 2: Mix 120g crispy fry mix with chicken cartilage and fry.

- Step 3: Put fried chicken cartilage into a bowl, add ½ tbsp sugar, 1/3 tbsp shrimp salt, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 60g lemongrass, kumquat, lime leaves, minced chili and shake.

- Step 4: Put on a plate and enjoy!

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Minh Thuy

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