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Seven confusing facts about women
November 22 2018, 10:16 AM
Women are considered as the most incomprehensible creatures on the planet. That is always true in every situation!

We know a lot of interesting facts about women, such as women have a better sense than men, more intuitive development, … However, psychologists still do not stop to learn, explain the thoughts and special abilities of women.

Women always say ‘I have to save the money!’ And they always repeat that ‘magic words’ before doing shopping. However, of course, they still can not refuse the attractive things like offering them.

After buying ‘a few’ clothes, they realized that they did not have a specific outfit for special occasions.

But in some miraculous ways, they will still appear with a beautiful and perfect outlook.

Others will find them so pretty but the women themselves will not be completely satisfied with their appearance.

But they still want praising from the men around.

When praised as expected, they thought the compliment was not credible because they found themselves ‘still not beautiful enough’.

In conclusion, women are not only lovely but also unintelligible!

Designer: Minh Quan

Kim Ngan Do

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