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Service dog leaps to assist his human having panic attack in an airport, and it’s beautiful
July 20 2018, 3:25 PM
Canines have long been considered “man’s best friend,” with personalities that are very compatible with those of humans.

Dogs also have keen senses and, perhaps partially because of their incredible noses, are able to detect even the subtlest changes of mood in human beings.

This remarkable compatibility has made dogs an effective way to provide emotional support, and dogs are trained to provide therapy as well as service for humans suffering trauma, such as military servicemen, or people coping with emotional difficulties.

A video of one such service dog, taken at an airport, demonstrates the unconditional love and loyalty dogs have for their owners. The female owner in this particular video was suffering from a panic attack while seated in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport. The woman, dog trainer Amber Oliver, buried her face in her hands, and her support dog at her feet, named Oakley, instantly sensed her distress.

“Oakley helps me every single day,” explains Oliver. “Oakley is always watching and paying attention to me making sure to help me whenever needed.”

In a beautiful gesture, Oakley went to her rescue, offering kisses of encouragement, and reciprocating cuddles of love, healing whatever emotional burden was ailing his human. Oakley, a 5-year-old therapy dog, had been trained by a professional how to detect anxiety symptoms, changes in heartrate, body temperature, and breathing, and was taught to break her hands apart and calm her emotions.

“Sharing this video and these things make me vulnerable, but I’m sharing them with you so you can see how this dog has changed my life,” added Oliver.  In just a few short weeks after being posted online, the video went viral and garnered nearly 300 thousand views on YouTube.

Let’s watch video below:

Source: NTD

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