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The “most sensitive areas” of men are easily shaked when women touch, stronger than love charms
February 09 2019, 1:34 AM
Love needs a lot of emotion and also needs a lot of 'tips' to keep the feelings of the both stable.

The relationship between men and women is really a very mysterious relationship that is difficult to explain. People often say that the former lover is forever the loser in love. But once you master the secret of love, you will make the lover always love you, love more and more. For women, there is a great way that psychologists have verified that: if you can often touch these three places of men, it will make him love you more and more.

First: Head

In many cases, men will not allow others to touch their heads. Because for many people, the head represents self-respect, touching the head is considered a kind of disdain for him. But when the men meet the person who makes them love, they will not care about such small things, but on the contrary they like it.

A woman rubbing the head, touching the head will make a man feel safe like a child is in his mother’s hands, stroking the head of his lover will make him immediately feel warm and affectionate. Therefore, a smart woman should learn how to touch a man’s head so that it is reasonable and delicate. When rubbing the head, you can whisper a few sweet words, believing that your strong man will become a child immediately. Such a gentle woman would surely make a man completely immersed in love.

Second: Belly

The abdomen is a place with lots of muscles, meat and quite sensitive. For men, a woman gently touches his belly, it will bring relaxation after a hard day’s work and also make the stressed man have a bit of relief. Above all, this love gesture will make him feel deeply the care and thoughtfulness of the lover for him.

Third: The ear

Men often do not pay too much attention to themselves so the skin of a man becomes not good, dry, easy to crack,…. And often women will not be too concerned about the ears of their lovers.

But if a delicate woman touches a man’s earlobe, this will give men a special sense of relaxation. When touching a man’s earlobe at this time, you can say a few love words into the man’s ear, this will make the man’s happiness index especially high. He will think that this mischievous woman like this small cat is his true love, will give the whole heart to you.

Even though the man is more rational than the heart, but when he meets a delicate woman who is subtle in behavior, knows how to pat and touch these three places, they will immediately give all the love to you, never have any other wrong thoughts.

Source: Sohu

Minh Chi

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