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Seeing a weasel hung on a tree, a man turns his eyes up finding a consternated culprit
December 28 2018, 5:11 PM
Australia is a beautiful country where people live in harmony with nature. However, such wild nature turns the country into a place containing dangers caused by animals.

A man named Holroyd-Doveto and his family are living together in Bowen Mountain, New South, Australia. They are nature-people so Australia is worth living. Still, they witnessed many terrifying scenes in such wild nature many times.

The most recent story is one of the unforgettable experiences of them. Previously, Mr Holroyd-Doveton went to his garden after hearing some sound like birds and cats were fighting. Nevertheless, he witnessed a very special sight lasted for 2 hours and called for his family to see.

Initially, he saw a weasel hung on a tree, hardly had he turned his eyes up when he saw a big python swallowing the weasel’s head gradually. The python brought the weasel to the trê then finding a way to enjoy its meal.

The fight lasted for 30 minutes

Finally, the python decided to come down and swallowed up the weasel.

Reportedly, this is diamond python, which is quite popular in Australia.

They witnessed themselves a scene of a python with 2 eye-teeth biting an Opossum weasel’s head. Finally, the python decided to come down and swallowed up the weasel. The two sides struggled violently for 30 minutes with the death, of course, is for the weak side.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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