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Seeing strange phenomenon the carp fish know how to bottle feed like the baby
October 06 2018, 10:50 AM
A school of fish is fed in a very strange way, like a baby using bottle of milk.

Instead of spreading fish food like fish farmers often do, there are fish fed by the strange way of feeding bottles as babies.

Many visitors have to shout”unbelievable” when witnessing the carp waiting the bottle to drink milk, dancing like dancers on the water. The colorful carp and tilapia float on the water to feed milk that the visitors give them.

According to the information from the farmer, to train the fish that are not afraid of people and drink milk in the bottle, the owner takes 1-3 months.

This is not a rare fish because they also need help and training from people.

In Thailand, there is also a place that have fish drinking milk in bottle.

These Koi carp are happier with a baby’s bottle than a sprinkling of fish food.

At a market in Ayutthaya, Thailand, tourists flock to the water’s edge to feed the fish in the bizarre fashion.

A baby’s milk bottle is filled with fish food and put on the end of a stick.

Koi carp come in a variety of vibrant colours, patterns and prices and collecting these beautiful creatures is a serious business.

Koi is an abbreviation of Nishikigoi, the Japanese term for ‘brocaded carp’.

The record price paid by a UK collector is £100,000 for ‘Jessica Rose’, which won the All-Japan Koi Show in 2006.

More realistically, beginners can pay £5 for a tiddler, £20 for a 6in example and £2,000 for a three-footer that may be decades old.

When looking after a Koi Carp, costs can mount rapidly: a clay conditioner for the koi’s scales works out at £80 for two weeks’ supply and 10 days’ food for 20 carp is about £100.

Instead of spreading fish food like fish farmers often do

There are fish fed by the strange way of feeding bottles as babies. 

It is not a strange way to feed fish because people have to train them. If you have chance, let try to visit them.

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