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Seeing shark floating in the sea, fishermen picked up and then slaughter its stomach, the scene was very heart-breaking
January 28 2019, 4:15 PM
Sharks are marine species that have been threatened. But just because of human greed, not many sharks have been killed, even their habitats are threatened.

In Florida, a group of fishermen accidentally caught a hammerhead shark. Initially, the group intended to release it back to the ocean, because they often only caught dolphins. But unexpectedly the shark died, its abdomen swelled abnormally … The captain said, the mother shark was killed and cut off, before throwing the body back into the sea.

Hammerhead sharks are special fish. Its head shape is like a hammer, extending to the sides, each side has an eye and a nostril, and its whole body is like a big hammer.

Hammerhead sharks have been listed on the type of creature to be protected. Unfortunately, many fishermen still catch this fish.

The shark is pulled onto the boat, it is nearly 4 meters long and weighs 369 kg. What makes the fishermen feel strange is that his belly bulges in an oversized way. So they are curious and decide to slaughter the shark’s stomach. After seeing the object in the fish’s abdomen, all the people on the boat were speechless.

It turns out that sharks are pregnant, there are 34 very pitiful fish in its belly. Everyone is very sad and regretful, because of human mistakes that harm many lives.

In fact, shark meat is not good, but why is it still listed as a protected species? Because greedy people always scolded to get fish fins, then processed into premium shark fin soup. After being seized, its corpse will be cruelly thrown into the sea.

Not only are these mother sharks and these pitiful sharks, but also many other creatures in the world are being threatened by the greed of many people that threaten their survival.

Usually, the life cycle of hammer sharks can last up to 40 years, but at the current rate of catching, it is likely that many hammer sharks will have to leave when they are too immature!

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