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Seeing piece of pork wiggling, people use microscope to check and find out a long creature making them immediately die in case of eating
November 11 2018, 7:48 AM
HCM Institute of Malariology, Parasites and Insects in Vietnam has released information making many people "startle": Find pig flukes damaging people's health in Binh Phuoc province.

This incident  happened in Bu Giai Phuc I village, Phu Nghia commune, Bu Gia Map district, and then spread to neighboring communes such as Dak O.

In more than 904 specimens, there were 108 specimens of swine parasite, accounting for nearly 12%; very high density (50 – 70 cysts / kg of meat) on parts of the pig such as the muscles, the brain and the tongue, are infected with the larvae.

Prof. Dr. Le Thanh Dong, Director of the Institute, said the infection is very high and the ability to spread is very fast due to the habits of inhabitants to raise pigs freely in nature, eating and living causing this disease. The Institute has informed the local health authority of the above situation to coordinate and come up with the solutions to deal with this disease.

However, up to now, treatment for infected people has been done only for a very small number. This is possibly due to treatment in local health facilities which have the lack of  medicine and inefficient propaganda measures about environment and food hygiene. It is alarming that this infection can occur in many localities where there are habits of raising pigs outdoors.

“If swine parasites are in the brain, the patient may have epilepsy, paralysis, limb or hemiplegia, lumbar or memory problems or severe headaches; if these are in the eye, the patient can have vision loss or blindness ”

Image source: Nguoi lao dong

Vu Tam




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