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After seeing his mother’s work left on his face, the boy keeps crying and calling grandma for help
September 11 2018, 4:19 PM
At first glance everyone thought the boy drew on his face to act funnily but the truth was unexpected.

Having a bad-ass mother sometimes causes many children to experience extreme “fear”. As the boy below had to cry in desperation after his hobby was given by his mother to make a joke.

The poor boy cried with his mother’s work on face

“This is my nephew. He really enjoys to have makeup but his mom is such a troll person. When he looked at the mirror he tried to call his grandma for help but unfortunately she’s busy cooking in the kitchen.” A netizen talked about her poor nephew.

He constantly called his grandma for help

According to the pictures posted, perhaps this boy loves makeup. His mom tricked him into makeup for a pretty face but did not expect that the naughty mother made “fun” of him. The boy had all the colors on his face, from the red lips to black, the blue eyes to the cheek to have some colorful. Many wonder how can he go out with a face like this?

He is so adorable with that “masterpiece”

The boy was terrified immediately after seeing his face and constantly expressed his sadness by crying and screaming. He repeatedly screamed out “Grandmother, grandmother, grandmother” but her grandmother was too busy that she couldn’t appear.

He looked like an actor in the old play

No one can’t help laughing after seeing his colorful face and his crying, especially the boy’s “hair” made from a towel that looks very funny. They constantly commented that having a mother like this would so much fun.

However, some people think that she shouldn’t paint on the face of children. Hypersensitive skin, when there are many colors to be applied, is likely to cause allergies and bad effects on children’s health.

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