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Seeing the helper does not wear anything lies in the bed, the wife smirkes: “You are out of clothes then lie there to help me one thing!”
February 11 2019, 3:24 PM
The wife heard her husband's voice, it turn out that he betrayed her. By this time, she only knows stand in silence.

They have a beautiful love. They overcome many difficulties and inhibitions to marry each other. Since marriage, he has always been loyal, he has never praised any girl in front of his wife. At the company, he does not have any relationship with a female colleague. So she was very rest assured about her husband.

When the couple had a child, because he saw his wife very busy, he suggested the idea of ​​hiring a maid to help with the housework. The wife agrees and hires a maid named Van – a young girl in a difficult situation. The wife carefully examines her husband’s attitude to Van. But then she felt she was too suspicious!


Until the day she went to work, because her husband missed her that she was early. When she did not see the child, she was about to enter the bedroom when she heard a laugh: “Hurry up, my wife, I have to lie that: you go home so I have to send my child to grandmother for caring!” – Do not be afraid, your wife is home, we can still ….

She entered the room calmly, while her husband was in the bathroom, she said to Van: “I was undressing, I asked you to do something!” “What?” “Nothing, do not be afraid, I want to give my husband for you”


Then she got out the room, though her husband and Van tried to explain, apologize and blame each other.

Perhaps people think she is gentle, but jealousy also humiliates her.

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Phuong Thao

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