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Seeing from a distance, thinking is the white bacteria moving until looking closer realizes not as we have seen
August 08 2018, 3:17 PM
With thousands of sheep, shepherding is not a simple task. As a result, sheepdogs have been used to simplify work and bring greater efficiency.

Looking down from the sky through the flycam, the giant flock of sheep scene running under the dog’s control looks impressive. At first glance, everything looks so messy, like a flock of birds’nest break, but very quickly, the shepherd dog pushs the sheep in the right direction for them to pass through the gate.

The flock of sheep scene looked down from the sky through the flycam

These shepherd dogs have a special ability to control the herds, making them become the trusted companions of the shepherds for many years in the agricultural age.

Under the shepherd dog’s control, the flock of sheep is pushed into the cage, the owner just need to close the gate 

The scene makes the viewer very excited, and especially those who are insomnia. After watching this scene, they also feel relaxed and fall asleep easily.

Thanks to shepherd dogs, this time-consuming task is not the shepherds’ problem. It has saved a lot of time and effort for the shepherds.

Shepherd dogs are considered as valuable assets of the shepherds here

Watching video:

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