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Seeing this baby’s meal, many people dare not to waste leftover foods anymore
September 13 2018, 10:12 AM
The clip captures the moment of a poor baby, be dirty, opening a saucepan only has white rice and eat deliciously that make many people cry.

While many of children living in city, whose have been grown up in parents’ arms, still refuse to eat, the image of the baby in the video appears to be a contrasting array.

In a temporary shelter, a baby sat down on the ground with a spoon to scoop of rice into the mouth to eat deliciously.

For mountain-children, this is a very ordinary sight.

Their parents also have to do farming, sisters carrying each other at home. When be hungry, they go to the kitchen looking for something that can get in their mouth. Sometimes cassava, potato, can also be white rice like this.

For them, having a meal to eat is very happy.

After watching the video, do you want to waste food anymore?

Dieu Linh

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