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If you see circles on disposable chopsticks, throw away immediately to protect your health
February 12 2019, 4:21 PM
Thinking it is normal, but all people don't expect the circles on disposable chopsticks to have the meaning like this.

Disposable chopsticks are products that are too familiar to many people. It appears in many restaurants, parties, festivals because of the convenience so it is increasingly popular.

Although there are many articles that alert users to limit the use of this type of chopsticks. But you have to admit that many times you have to use this type of chopsticks when buying food outside or on picnics.

Watching on video clips, we can see easily that many production places use bleaching chemicals to beautify, whiten disposable chopsticks but not everyone knows what the meaning of the “circles” on the chopsticks is. In addition, what is the meaning of the different circles on chopsticks and of chopsticks without circles?

The answer is, that circles are to mark so that the manufacturer knows how many they are recycled. Correspondingly, the no-circle type are the new chopsticks, 2-circle type has been recycled twice, and similarly, the 3 circles are recycled three times. After the third recycling, these chopsticks will be taken away to ensure safety for users.

Although it is convenient, limit the use of disposable chopsticks and spoons. We can buy our individual spoon and chopsticks to ensure health. Despite looking at the disposable chopsticks, they are white but who knows they have been dipped through a bleaching agent, anti-mildew?

Source: Tri thuc tre

Minh Chi

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