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Secret to get rid of venom when being bitten by centipede that parents should know to save children in time
October 18 2018, 9:19 AM
You have to know the treatment when being bitten, not only save yourself but also save the family from losing life.

The centipede is a poisonous insect that has a pair of claws in the mouth containing poison. When the poison bites into the claw into the victim’s body and causes headaches, fever, nausea, convulsions and even coma. The larger the pancreas, the more poisons are injected into the body after bitting and can be life-threatening if not being treated promptly.

Some signs of a fatal bite

At the site of a bite: At the site of the bite, the wound will have two marks. Severe bite pain, red swelling, then blisters, may cause necrosis at the bite. Around bite weakness, itching, allergies, edema, lymph nodes, bleeding.

Systemic symptoms: The victim will experience some symptoms such as fever, fatigue, body aches, rapid breathing, cough, sore throat, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhe…

Case 1:

Bite is only allergic to the skin. In this case, you only need to apply a little oil into the wound, because the wound is not toxic, do not worry about it too much.

Case 2:

Victims have been poisoned by centipes and toxins in the body that causes poison. In this case, you can treat the following effective remedies of Dao ethnicity:

Salad of chickens: It is still said that chickens are the death of the centipede, and that the mysteries of chickens for centipede remain unanswered, but one thing can be certain that chicken saliva has the ability to nullify centipede’s venom. Also, centipede is one of the chicken’s favorite dishes.

Saliva of snails: Like chickens, snails are related to centipede, and most importantly snail’s viscous also has the ability to neutralize centipede’s poison.

Treatment: Use a cloth or elastic band on top of the wound to help prevent heart attacks. Then grab a chicken to hook the throat to apply saliva to the wound several times. Or catch the slug and take the slime of the slug into the wound.

Some good tips for a bite

Garlic pounded to recover all pain

– Seedlings chewing small chewing or puree, drink the juice to cover the bottom of the cent.

– Cleaned and rushed purslane, then put on the bite.

– A small pinch of sesame seeds, then put on the wound.

– One mint leaves washed, pounded to cover.

– Bitter melon seeds are cleaned, refined to add the wound or add a little vinegar and then put into mouth, swallow slowly to cover the pain.

– The taro is peeled off, crushed, mixed with coconut oil and lime to eat betel, put on the bite quickly.

– Use fresh lemon grass or garlic, mixed with coconut oil and lime slices to eat betel bite.

– Chopped leaves, put on the wound until the pain, the embryo 1-2 times until the cure.

In addition, the best method of treating the centipede that mothers should take is proactive prevention rather than cure. Mothers should regularly clean the house and pay special attention to items such as brooms, old furniture, carpet, wet cloth out or high up … to avoid nesting centipede.

Do not let the children play damp places that have many items, brick tile old item and are easy to be bitten by centipede. And in particular, we should need to carry out general cleaning around the house, fill sewers to kill centipede. When a child is found to have a strange bite, prompt first aid and immediately take the child to the nearest medical facility.

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