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Scientists designed the camera like penguin to study, but unexpected reaction of other penguins made everyone a big laugh
October 12 2018, 2:48 PM
Recently, a funny video about the penguins has been posted and received a lot of attention from the netizens.

Scientists want to study the life of penguins. They designed the camera identical to the penguin. As a result, after the camera moved back and forth around the penguins, the scene was extremely humorous, making the everyone a big laugh.

It can be seen clearly, in the video, the penguins are very curious to see the camera. Nobody thinks the penguins look intently to learn how to move like the camera.

They stopped walking with their foot to move with their belly. They used their foot to push the body slipping forward like the way the camera moved.

Penguins also find that, as they move in this way, they move more quickly than to walk step by step.

After seeing this, many people are very interested in these chubby penguins. They are also curious whether this behavior can replace the way penguins move for long periods of time or not.

‘Moving in this way, the penguins will lose their ability to walk with their feet.’

‘The scientist changed the habits of penguins.’

‘They are so cute. The clip’s so funny.’

‘Penguins learn new things fast. They’re so intelligent. ‘

Watch video:

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