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School bus accident: 7 years old girl dragged at least 100 ft after her backpack gets stuck in door
August 05 2018, 9:53 AM
Girl dragged down street by school bus.

According to the video, the 7-year-old girl  was getting off the bus around 4 p.m when her backpack got stuck in the door. However, the bus driver didn’t know the problem and he closed the door. The bus dragged her about 100 feet until the driver of a red Chevy Camaro sped up to the bus slamming on the horn. The baby was taken to the hospital and was expected to recover her injuries.

The poor girl dragged down at least 100 ft…

…because her pack got stuck in the door

And the driver and people in the bus didnt know

Discovering her case, a red car chased

And prevented the bus from running

The child suffered road rash and was taken to the hospital

Watching video:


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