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The school is the birthplace of the most lovely couples with drastic height difference
January 08 2019, 3:26 PM
Fat - thin, tall - short, opposite appearance is not that improtant, just playing with each other happily is fine.

A school is still a place where we can easily pair and find for ourselves a best friend, countless friends, from many places to gather here. But it is not wrong in life to say that “Opposites attract”. Among many friends in the same school, there are many close friends who have to find people who are contrary to each other to stick together.

Just look at how funny and adorable they are when a chubby person makes friend with a thin one, or one is super tall and one is super short. Whenever these types of couples appear together, people can’t help but think of the number 1 standing next to the zero or the mushroom standing by the pole.

But what is the difference, if it is soulmate relationship, we can overcome all barriers and shorten all distances.

Every time there is a “mushroom-pole” couple go to the board to do the lesson, the whole class can laugh

48-84, the same numbers but different order, then different destiny …

Being short is fine, standing on the desk is the solution!

The “mushroom” one that has ever been “bullied” like this

Oh where am I, who are these giants?

Height is not important, it is important to do the lesson right, her handwritten is also beautiful!

The height is different, but they are both beautiful

Going out on the street, people might think the older sister took the younger one hang out. But they are actually in the same age.

Excessively too tall, too short or too fat, each has its own advantages and weaknesses.

It is a good thing to have more friends in the opposite appearance to reconcile the two and share the sweet moments together.

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Hoang Ngan

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