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Scary story: CCTV recorded the scene of a creep dressing as a woman followed the young girl
December 13 2018, 3:52 PM
This incident partly reflects the situation of sexual harassment in Korea.

Recently, a college student has shocked the Korean netizens by sharing her horrible experience. This girl has just been lucky escape the ‘claw’ of a creep disguised as woman. The whole story is told by the girl as follow:

‘Actually, I never thought this scary thing would happen to me. When I was waiting for the elevator to go home early in the morning, I heard a noise in the back so I turned around. I saw a man disguising as woman.

As soon as the door of the elevator opened, I had a bad feeling in my mind so I pretended to talk on the phone and saw nothing. This block has 3 floors, only the second floor was light and the third floor had almost no commotion. At last I went straight out, my heart had missed a beat.

Since it was so weird, I met with management to check on CCTV. As a matter of fact, I can see an unmarked gray car parked at the entrance to the building. After I went out, the suspicious man hid for a while before leaving.’

This man even had gone upstair to the third floor to find the ‘prey’.

Witnessing the series of images provided by the girl, Korean netizens are so afraid of the daring of this man. He seems to have planned to follow her before, even taking into consideration the character’s early morning habits.

Image credit: Collected.

Kim Ngan Do

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