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Scared: Girls use condoms… as face masks, beauty cosmetics
January 24 2019, 10:19 AM
Condoms also have other effects that maybe you have not discovered yet.

Condoms are not just used to ‘avoid population growth’

Speaking of condoms, what first would you think about? Maybe all 100 people will think about it main effect. But nowadays, condoms do not just have the benefit of avoiding ‘unnecessary population growth’. These “sensitive” thing also have many other interesting features, typical for beauty.

1. Face mask with a condom

Chinese girls make everyone shocked when wearing masks by condoms

In mid-2016, the Chinese social network burst into the image of a group of young girls just sitting in subway and put condoms on their face as masks. When they first came on the train, the girls were attracted by the way they were wearing. By the time the girls take out of in the bag things like condoms, stretched and covered the face, even on the neck and arms, people around was more shocked.

Understand that the action of the sexy girl group is to promote a new skin mask products are the main ingredient is aloe and Hyaluronic Acid. With a special design that resembles a condom, other masks have been criticized by Chinese commentators.

Turns out this is a new beauty products causing offense

2. Use condoms to make up

Using a condom instead of beauty blender is the hot trend of makeup to in 2017-2018

In the beginning of 2017, many beauty bloggers started to use condoms instead of beauty blender. Accordingly, they would put a piece of beauty blender inside a condom and then use instead of brushes to blend the foundation, eye powder, cheeks … Of course, a condom is still completely clean when removed from the shells, but still many people feel dreaded with this style of makeup.

The word “makeup with condom”, however, makes bloggers specialize in beautifying throughout 2017, spread to 2018 crazy. Many bloggers have also concluded that make up with condoms are quite satisfactory, but for ordinary people, they will probably remain loyal to traditional makeup tools.

This trend seems to attract only beauty bloggers, ordinary people may not be very interested in

In addition to these effects on the beauties, the familiar condoms are also thought to be applicable to many other aspects of life such as wrapping objects when needed avoid water, used as hair clogs, Packed or covered canned food that has not been used up …

Condoms also have other effects that you may not have discovered yet

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