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Who says nine-months pregnant women can’t do sexy dance, this video proves it all
October 09 2018, 9:39 AM
This pregnant mother filmed a clip she's doing the sexy dance during 9 months of pregnancy.

Even at 38 weeks pregnant, nothing seems to stop this dancer from the sexy dance.

“We dance all day every day,” the soon-to-be mom said.

The mother-to-be can be seen in a video dance until they are only a week from welcoming her baby.

The 1-minute video captures the mother’s 9 months sexy dance that’s hard even for normal people.

“When I show the doctors, they’re like, ‘That’s amazing,’ but when I show everyone else, they’re like, ‘Are you crazy?'” but she said “I trust the doctors. If they say I’m good, I’m good.”

Dancing is an excellent form of keeping you healthy, flexible and stress-free during your pregnancy. Gone are the days when age-old beliefs of being on bed rest and doing little or no work were prescribed to pregnant women.

Nowadays, even doctors suggest that pregnant women should have some form of exercise to keep their body flexible, which will eventually help them during delivery.

Crossfit fanatic Rhian Pearson is another example. Even she is going to have a baby on the way, she still keeps up her hardcore fitness regime with a burgeoning bump – training with heavy weights for up to eight hours a week. There’s no problem with her baby though.

However, in case of complications bed rest might be advised by your doctor. So before you undertake any form of physical activity, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and seek medical advice.

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