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“Satisfying” robot has the ability of interaction like a real person, making netizens eager to buy without any hesitation
February 14 2019, 9:15 AM
Spanish designer designed a kind of doll that is able to interact like a real person.

The robot is named Samantha by the Spanish designer.  According to the designer, this sex robot can interact with the users because it has many modes and especially is able to act like a girlfriend.

Samantha robot has a sexy body, a lovely face and many modes to satisfy the needs of users. However, the Spanish designer also added that Samantha was not merely a sex doll, it also has requirements with ‘boyfriends’ such as caring,  … like real people.

Currently, because young people often work far away from their family, buying sex dolls or love machine to fill “loneliness” becomes more popular than ever. Owning dolls not only satisfies the physical needs but also is less expensive. However, this  also has drawbacks if abused.

Watch video:

Video source: The sun

Vu Tam

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