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These are the safest places on the coaches that can save your life in catastrophic accidents
August 07 2018, 10:10 AM
This is a common question that many people ask but not all of them know the answer.

More and more serious traffic accidents have occurred. However, only few people know that the positions they take on the buses or coaches are factors that determine the risk of injury, even rescue them when the accident happens.

Safe seats on passenger cars

Seats close to the driver’s seat or windows, doors are the most dangerous positions because of the risk of direct collision or damages by glass splinters.

Choose seats behind driver’s seat

When traveling by coaches or mini buses, choose to sit on two chairs right behind the back of the driver’s seat. It will reduce the risk of injury when an accident occurs. Please note that seat belts should be fastened in case of being thrown out of the chair in case of a collision, which is life-threatening.

For 2 floor coaches, the first floor is the most preferred location. Stable and least shaken position is the middle of the car (between the front and rear wheels of the car). If you have car sickness then definitely have to choose this place.

Should we stand or sit on the bus? 

If you regularly go by bus, choose to sit on the right hand side of it. Due to the direction of the vehicle moving in the opposite direction, this is the position where the passenger is least injured.

Pick on the right side of the bus to sit or stand

Avoid the first two rows of seats and the left side of the car because this is the place where the broken glass breaks when the car was hit on the front.

Do not stand on the car, especially at the door. Just by slightly shake, due to inertia, you may not keep your balance and easily jump forward. Stand with your feet wide and put your gravitation down on both legs.

What about cars? Seats are the same?

No not at all, the back seat of the driver and the seat in the middle of the back seats are the safest seats on the cars.

Choose seats wisely on the car

In accidents, the person sitting next to the driver’s seat is most likely to suffer the most injuries from head-on collision or rear-end collisions. Even a person sitting in this position can be thrown forward if not wearing a seat belt when the vehicle brakes or stabbed from behind.

Sitting on the planes

Remember these things when sitting on the plane

The position at the tail of the aircraft is said to be the least risky seat. In contrast, the head of the aircraft is the most dangerous position when an incident occurs. The most important thing to be aware of is that you need to stay calm and comply with the crew’s instructions.

Take a train at the end is completely safe?

The train’s first and last carriages, especially the seats in the first or last row of the train, are the most dangerous. Choose the middle carriages of the train and the seats about 5-6 rows from the entrance and avoid sitting by the window.

It is important to remember: Take a seat belt no matter what type of car you are on! Because many tests have proven, the seat belt can save your lives in many cases!

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