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Are there any safer places to sit? Mother holds baby wiggling on joint of train carriages
June 19 2018, 8:34 AM
If you think your commute is bad, just take a look at this insanely crowded train in India.

Watch here:

A mother had to hold her baby as she is sitting on the joint of the train carriage.

She had no place to sit on the train, thus this was her only choice

It was really dangerous sitting there, yet no one offered her their seat

India has the second largest rail network in the world. That, combined with the fact that 23 million passengers a day ride its rails. It helps to explain why its trains are so overcrowded that you can often see passengers hanging out the side.

All trains in India are insanely crowded

This is a typical scenario in Bangladesh, because the trains are not yet electrified. There are no electric wires and poles. The speed is also slow. So, people are able to travel on roofs.


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