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Roll snake around the trunk of sugar cane to grill, the result makes everyone want to taste immediately
November 04 2018, 1:23 AM
The dish look so tasty!

In the normal case, snake is a dangerous animal. However, if the snake is rolled around the sugar cane to grill, what will the result be? Let’s watch the video below to discover!

Snake is not only a delicious dish but also nutritious ingredients. Even some people consider the dish to test their courage. Snake is a species that uses whole body to move. Therefore, the snake meat is so sweet, firm and delicious …

There is a unique way to process is  to grill snake with the trunk of a sugar cane. After the snakes are mixed with spices, chilies, onions …, they  will be rolled around the trunk of a sugar cane.

After preliminary processing, it is necessary to make sure that the snakes are firmly stuck with the trunk of the sugar cane are not removed.

This dish, after grilled, has a very special aroma. Just because it not only from spices but also from the snake meat and the sweetness of the sugar cane, which stimulates the taste.

It’s really a special dish, whether you have the courage to enjoy or not. Let’s watch the process of making this dish in the video below!

Watching video:

Source video: Tien Black


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