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The river seems to be flat until a man pours a bucket of water down into it, a mysterious phenomenon occurs
August 10 2018, 2:45 PM
A flat river suddenly surges severely after a man pours down a bucket of water into it. Let's check it out.

Do you believe in the existence of a sea. monster?. There is a number of bizarre phenomenons in nature that we have not been able to explain, yet. In the clip below, viewers will be amazed at the flat water suddenly undulating as if there is a monster hiding in it. However, no one has given a reasonable explanation for this, yet.

This man informs that this is the river near his house. He and his wife often take a bath here. One day after the storm, the water was still very flat. There is nothing unusual until he used a bucket of water pouring down into the river.

The water immediately ceased to be quiet. Something rose up and down severely through the water in a strange way that made him and his wife totally astonished.

There seems to be a giant sea monster hiding underwater. The man and his wife decided to never take a bath in this river anymore. The instant scene at that time made them extremely scared.

Netizens, after watching the clip, have given a lot of predictions about this phenomenon. Some people think that this is just a water bubble deep down in the river after the storm. Others think it is definitely a sea monster or even aliens. This is a very strange phenomenon that we still have not explained or given any answers.


Thu Thủy

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