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Revealing the reason why the 30-year-old sisters had a problem in that ‘love’ story, pushing their husbands to others
February 11 2019, 4:34 PM
Many women suffer from uterine fibroids and are ordered to have surgery but they refuse and bite their teeth to endure, thinking that the surgery will cause physical pain and subsequent sexual life.

In addition, there are opposite cases, many women who remove fibroids do not want to be close to their husbands because they feel ‘out of excitement’. So what this is really damaged? Uterine fibroids are scary as we still think?

The husband is extremely miserable because his wife refuses to do ‘it’ after surgery for fibroids!

Although the surgery for fibroids was very successful, but Ms. Thanh Ha (Binh Duong) still thinks that her life has been shortened, may have to die soon … so she should not let her husband touch her, even for 2 months. pass.

Mr. Minh, Ha’s husband complained: Sometimes she begged for her to “love” once, but after the love she always said one more sentence: “I don’t want to be close to you much, just afraid so deep, I will leave you later, and I miss you. ” Honestly, she said it a few times, making me goosebumps.

Do not dare to cut fibroids for fear of leaving her husband!

In contrast to Ms. Ha, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim also suffered from uterine fibroids, which was advised by a doctor because the tumor was nearly 5cm tall but she refused. She kept her secret from her family and hypnotized herself that she was not sick at all, because she was afraid of having to remove her uterus that would affect her husband and wife relationship, causing her husband to seek out an outside ‘source of fun’.

However, because of the tumor, sometimes, the couple is “in relationship”, she is sad to urinate. This situation happened regularly, making the life of the pillow disturbed, Kim also felt the change of her husband, he was no longer enthusiastic when “love”.

Does uterine fibroids really affect ‘that’?

The answer is no! And Danish scientists have stated: “A woman’s sexual desire after undergoing fibroid surgery, even cutting off the uterus, has not decreased or even increased.”

There has been a study of 413 women who underwent hysterectomy. Accordingly, 32 people before surgery were not very interested in sex, but after the operations, half of them were “more active”.

These women also said that sexual pleasure has improved. Even the problems while lovemaking also decreased significantly. The scientists explain, the uterus is a “home” for the fetus to reside and develop. Lust is caused by two ovaries that produce sex hormones in women, so surgery on the uterus has no effect.

So where is the cause of the problem?

It is psychological! It is clear that many studies have shown that ablation, removal of fibroids does not seriously affect sexual life. However, if not carefully consulted before surgery, this can cause severe psychology for many women.

At the same time, women are more likely to be confident, lose feeling of comfort and see pressure when having sex after surgery. Therefore, when indicated for the treatment of fibroids, women should discuss directly with the doctor to maintain psychological stability, understand the complications after surgery for uterine fibroids may be encountered, as well as know how prevention of recurrence of uterine fibroids is effective.

Is there a relationship with uterine fibroids?

Please respond immediately, whether or not the relationship can depend on the level and expression of the disease. If the fibroids are small, have not been too big for health, are not uncomfortable, women can still have sex and should find places to sell condoms to buy and use.

When the tumor grows big, affects the health and spirit, this time the relationship will make you feel pain and more tired. In severe cases can cause vaginal bleeding, making the illness more serious so we need to limit it.

In short, women should not have sex without treating them properly. It is best to go to the hospital and listen to the doctor’s advice!

Source: Oxii

Hai Linh


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