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Reveal the present life of the guy who used to be the 9th husband of Thai female billionaire who desires her husband to ‘do it’ 28 times per day
January 28 2019, 4:06 PM
Having passed nearly 60,000 opponents to become the ninth husband of Thai female billionaire Leena Jung, but he quickly got bitterness when he divorced her after a short time.

In 2017, Thai billionaire Leena Jung, then 58, once stirred up public opinion when she announced she wanted to recruit her ninth husband. She said that she would provide for this man’s needs but he must meet the conditions including: under 25 years old, over 1.8 meter tall, weigh less than 70kg, 6-pack abdominal muscles, good physical strength to meet sexual needs up to 28 times/day.

At that time, there were nearly 60,000 young, handsome and healthy men applying. That huge number surprised Ms. Leena herself. After that, she chose a guy named Rangsee Saransiriborriruk to be her 9th husband.

According to the information published, Mr. Rangsee was born on September 5, 1992, 33 years younger than her. Mr. Rangsee is currently the host of ‘The Knot Thailand’ by TV8, Thailand.

Although there is no true handsome appearance, Rangsee has a quite masculine angular face and a well-proportioned body. In addition to hosting the show, this guy also has a passion for motorbikes and reptiles.

In a television interview after marriage, Leena Jung said that she wanted to find an eternal love in Rangsee himself. In response, the young man shared that he loves with his heart and believes in his choice. ‘We are 33 years apart, but that is not a barrier to me. I came to her not because of the wealth that many people think,’ said Rangsee.

But this sweet marriage ended after only a few weeks. She divorced him without regreting. The netizens were so curious about the reason why Ms. Leena left her 9th husband. Someone said that Mr. Rangsee had gender problems, some people said that because he could not meet her physiological needs.

After parting with the older ex-wife, Rangsee returned to normal life. The short marriage with Mrs. Leena gave him a lot of trouble but also helped him become more popular. Rangsee started to participate in many events, while still maintaining a strong interest in riding motorbikes and traveling everywhere.

About the time after the breakup, Rangsee once appeared on television, knelt down and apologized to the female billionaire Leena Jung, hoping to return. However, she was extremely angry when she saw him and did not accept the apology. Rangsee has also been involved in suspicion of homosexual relationships when some of his ‘hot photos’ appear on social networks.

Kim Ngan Do

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