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Relationship goal or nightmare? – Girlfriend literally uses boyfriend as a selfie stick
September 13 2018, 11:32 AM
Relationship goal or nightmare? You decide it!

This 42-second clip captures a young couple’s outing. The most noticeable thing about this clip is how the girlfriend took photos. Instead of having your phone hold the phone as the way people do, this girl was very creative when she turned her boyfriend into … a selfie stick.

Specifically, the boyfriend’s task is to hold the phone up high and press the button. The angle, brightness or background selection is done by his girlfriend. It is clear that this boyfriend had to take many pictures of the girl. For every expression, he had to take a few dozens, while this girl has a dozen expressions …


Caught on camera by a bewildered tourist, the trendy young woman is filmed repeatedly adjusting her boyfriend’s arm in order to best capture her.

This unique photoshoot took place in front of The John Lennon Wall in Prague.

After five minutes’ worth of photos, the girlfriend then settled on the classic crying face

Look at the bright side, at least the boyfriend in question didn’t seem to mind being used as his partner’s own personal selfie stick.

Nguyen Mai Huong

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