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If you regularly go on diet with chicken egg whites like this guy, please don’t ignore the advice from experts
January 05 2019, 11:54 PM
This 22-year-old college student won the grand prize in a fitness contest after taking a harsh diet with 70 egg whites a day.

Zhang Nu, living in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, became popular after getting the prize the 168 cm (66 inch) classic bodybuilding category of the China University Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship. His harsh diet has attracted the attention of the bodybuilder community in the whole society.

Zhang Nu started training bodybuilding two years ago in adolescence, and his body size increased significantly. Everyone could realize the differences when he was thin and when he won the Championship with a surprisingly tall body.

This student shared with Hangzhou News that: “One day, I boringly sat in bed, looked down at the belly, I encountered a folded line, it was interesting and I started to practice crunching from that day.” .

At the recent competition, Zhang appeared when body fat was only 5%. Of course he believed that it was an intense exercise regime for his success, but in addition to training, Zhang ate 70 egg whites a day before the contest. Immediately after shared, this “attractive” diet has spread widely, causing a “wave” in the online community.

We all know eggs are seen as super food for bodybuilders. However, only consuming 70 egg whites a day is really not the perfect solution for bodybuilders, no matter what the reason is. Zhang understands the drawbacks of this diet. Fortunately, his nutrition contains other protein-based products that have changed since January and February, his diet consists of a large amount of beef in stead of white eggs before participating in the contest.

If you know that each egg white has about 3.6 grams of protein and 14.4 calories, then Zhang Nu consumes about 252 grams of protein and 1,008 calories per day just from egg white. Meanwhile, many people are afraid of eating too much yolk because it is often known for its low protein and high fat content. If you eat egg whites like Zhang, you will load 7.560 grams of protein and 35,700 calories in 30 days. A really terrible number!

Advice from experts

It is best to eat both the yolk and egg white with the recommended dose by the experts. Eating too many egg whites instead of other foods will cause nutritional imbalance.

Experts recommend that some of the following groups should limit eating eggs like those with hyperlipidemia, history of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes … People who are allergic should not eat raw eggs. In addition, experts suggest that children under 1 year old should not eat eggs because it is difficult to absorb and not good for their digestive health.

To eat eggs to ensure health and utilize the maximum nutritional value, we should choose fresh eggs which are not crushed and not dirty. For fresh eggs, you should also eat for a certain period of time and should not restore for too long time because this will reduce the nutritional value of eggs. Eat cooked eggs, do not eat bare, re-eat because when eaten in this way, the protein in the eggs is not fully absorbed, can cause allergies.

The amount of eggs eaten per week depends on the groups. Adults should only eat 3-4 eggs/ week . Pregnant people should also eat eggs in a reasonable manner and they don’t eat too much. For children, eating eggs needs more attention, it is best to consult with a nutritionist.

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