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From red, the blood of 27-year-old girl turns into yellow like lard due to the popular dish 
August 09 2018, 2:29 PM
Doctors panicked when discovering in the test tube of a 27-year-old girl appeared a layer of fat.

A year ago, Ms. L, 26 years old, was an office worker, began live alone. Due to busy work, her meals almost have been fast food such as fried chicken, spicy soup, animal viscera … , while she has rarely eaten fruits and vegetables.

When she goes to work, she usually sits all day. After checking out, she also likes to sit in front of the computer. She has eaten too much greasy food without doing exercise, so she weighed 136kg with the height of 165 cm. Last week, Ms.L had just finished having lunch and drinking a bottle of cold water, she suddenly suffered from abdominal pain on her right side. After that, she began feel nausea and even vomited. She thought it was due to normal tummy ache, so she neglected the pain.

After resting for 2 days, the abdominal pain became more and more painful. Therefore, she immediately went to the hospital for a diagnosis. At the hospital, the doctor took a small blood tube, but there was a layer of fat in the test tube, blood pressure also exceeded standards so many times.

When mentioning to her eating habits, she is also very scared. Her company doesn’t have any canteen and parents are not on the side, so Ms.L mostly ate outside. The dishes she likes to eat most are spicy soup, animal organs, chicken fried.

Doctors warn people with high blood pressure should eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid foods high in fat and sugar. For a long time, eating a lot of foods with high sugar content will be harmful for your body.

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