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How to recognize a beautiful girl because of a rustic face or because of makeup is here!
January 08 2019, 3:24 PM
This is how to know if a girl makes up or not?

People have a sentence: There are no ugly women in this world, only women don’t know how to beautify themselves. In fact, it has proved that the sister society has more and more measures to improve its beauty.

You just need put a finger on girl’s face

… to feel their face!

Then use that finger to swipeon their shirts

Now you can see the powder

In addition to cosmetic surgery – complete but also expensive and risky moting, girls now can beautify in many other ways such as changing the dress style, hair style … In that number, the most popular, the simplest and still the same “magic” is makeup. Whether it’s just adding a little lipstick or applying all sorts of handicaps from eyeliner, chalk, eyelid paste, lens …, obviously girls before and after make-up look really different, if not to say “a heavenly one”.

There have been many clip clips for the make up screen “duck swan” but anyone wondered, how to know if a girl really smeared a lot of cosmetics on her face? And the clip below will be the answer!

Watch video:

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Phuong Thao

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