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This is reason why 80% of women, including children get ovarian cysts, cause infertility
February 13 2019, 4:06 PM
Unexpectedly, just because simple things seem to be familiar to 80% of women who do daily, is the cause of ovarian cysts.

The disease usually happens silently, it is not easy for you to detect in the early stages but develops extremely fast when we discover. This means that treating the disease is extremely difficult.

Previously, ovarian cysts often appeared in the reproductive age, but can occur after menopause and it is one of the signs of cancer initiation.

But today the disease has started to rejuvenate, even they appear in subjects who have never had sex. Or girls not yet mature. The disease left a lot of dangerous sequelae, including infertility.

Previously there was a case, 3-year-old girl had to suffer a surgery to remove the ovarian tumor. Doctors said, without surgery, it will threaten the lives of the child.

Every month, on average, the General Department of Pediatrics, the National Hospital of Pediatrics, Vietnam conducted nearly a dozen surgery cases of ovarian cysts in children such a terrible number. This is also a very alarming thing, parents don’t neglect their children’s health.

There are many reasons for ovarian cyst disease, such as functional cysts, rupture of blood vessels in the follicle, abnormalities of endocrine, unsafe nutrition, genetic factors in the family.

Because many people still misunderstand about this disease, just think that the disease only appears in adults, so it is indifferent to abnormal changes of young children.

Another cause, today we are exposed to too many toxic chemicals, causing the body to accumulate toxins. Over time they develop into tumors, and women will inevitably suffer from this disease when they live in a hazardous environment.

Like many gynecological diseases, signs of ovarian cyst are sometimes confused with similar conditions. Ovarian cysts are rather silent so it is difficult to identify. However, if you see that you have the following expressions, you should absolutely not ignore it.

  • Discomfort and lower abdominal pain
  • The lower abdomen is enlarged and finds clots on touching the abdomen
  • Uneven menstrual phenomenon
  • Swelling breast

Kim Ngan Do

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