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Quintuplets surround the birthday cake to say happy birthday to their Dad, after he blows candles, they make a U-turn immediately
December 07 2018, 3:57 PM
It's Dad's birthday but who blow the candles should be us.

Having a child in the family is really a precious thing. Their actions and behavior are very lovely because they do not what should they do in different situations. If you grumble about your kids being naughty. Does crying make you headache? Then you must respect the couple with these 6 children. Not like normal family, they have one daughter and five babies at once. Let’s imagine how should they deal with 5 babies crying in the same time?

It’s Dad’s birthday. 

6 children surround him and sing “Happy birthday”.

However, when the father blows the candles, 

One of these babies starts to cry aloud. 

His expression makes other children cry. 

How can parents deal with that?

They must be superman in this big family!

Watching video: 

Video credit: Collected

Xuan Trinh

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